Erich Montague

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Palm Air Realty™

1009 N Lake Park Blvd., Ste C4, Carolina Beach, NC 28428


Erich came to Wilmington from Denver, Colorado which he called home for over 23 years. Erich owned an oil and gas technology business, which he sold in 2014. Much of the business focused on the leasing and trading both public and private land to support oil and gas operations. Since then, he has focused his time and expertise in the buying and selling of private land in both the residential and commercial arenas. Erich brought this knowledge and expertise that he learned in Colorado to Wilmington to take on a career in real estate, joining Palm Air Realty™ in March 2020.

When Erich is not working, he can be found fishing, kayaking, or playing some very competitive pickleball. He also enjoys living a healthy lifestyle full of good eating and plenty of outdoor activities. Erich appreciates the beautiful setting of Wilmington and understands why so many people call it home. Erich maintains a fantastic work ethic and has found the natural dynamics of the real estate industry to be both exciting and interesting.